Spring 2010 Workday Schedule

Clearing Corridor for new trail at Matson Hill

Spring 2010 Workdays

January 17th- North Trace Sawyer Run
February 6th- SIUE Maintenance
February 27th- Greensfelder
March 13th- Castlewood
March 20th- Matson Hill
March 27th- Creve Coeur
April 10th- Greensfelder
April 24th- Castlewood
May 1st- Creve Coeur
May 15th- Matson Hill
May 22nd- Matson Hill
June 5th- Matson Hill

Matson Hill Workday- Sat. Dec. 19th

Craig at the new DeClue creek crossing completed at the Dec. 12th Greensfelder workday
When: Saturday, December 19th, 2009. From 9:00am-1:00pm.

What: We're having the last workday of the year at Matson Hill Park, and everyone is invited. 

This is the continuation of a multi-year project, and we hope to TRIPLE OR QUADRUPLE the current trail mileage at Matson by the time we’re finished.

Directions: Please note that we are not parking at the main Matson Trailhead/parking lot.

From the Highway 40/94 interchange:
• Take Highway 94 South for 7.4 miles to F (turn right on F).
• Stay on F for 3 miles, then turn left on Stub Road. Follow Stub Road for ~.5 miles to gate, and follow directions from there. 

• You can also click this for a Google map link. Clicking the green bike will give you the “get directions” link. 

What to bring: Gloves, Sturdy shoes, eye protection, and something to drink on the trail. It’s also a good idea to read through the article “What to expect at a workday”.

Why: To add more multi-use single track (natural surface) trail to the existing Matson loop. This is Phase One of a multi phase project, eventually utilizing 400+ acres of new Park property.

Please RSVP via ONE of the following (to make sure we bring enough food):

GORC & St. Charles County Parks will provide: Trail building tools, instructions on trail building, safety guidelines, and lunch (menu still TBD, but rumored to be Bekin’s chicken chili).

Greensfelder Workday and Volunteer Appreciation Party

Saturday, December 12th from 9am-1pm we'll be working on rerouting the section around the creek crossing below the rock garden. This is a fall-line section that's unable to be maintained. After this, there will be only a few other sections on both DeClue and Dogwood which are fall-line, and should help extend the time that Greensfelder is rideable throughout the year. We're also going to be doing a short reroute on the DeClue extension, and if we have enough people, there are a lot of other little projects we can work on.
Afterwards, there will be a party with refreshments for GORC volunteers to thank them for the hard work they've put in over the year to build new trails, and make the ones we have better. More info and sign-up are here.

Separated at Birth?

November/December Happenings

A little slow reporting things lately. Some items of note:

The Nov. 14th workday at Creve Coeur Park saw the completion of the latest segment of the Bootlegger's Run trail. There's now nearly 3 miles of singletrack there with more to come! The map has been updated to show all of the trail in the upper section of the park.

Mike Dunston, Craig and the St. Charles County crew have been busy continuing work on an extension at Indian Camp Creek, new trail at Matson, and some short reroutes at Bangert Island.

Wednesday, December 2nd at 7pm will have the regular monthly meeting at the Tap Room.

Friday, December 4th at 7pm is the last of St. Charles County Parks Moonlight Ride series for the year. This one is at Bangert Island. Meet at the Lewis & Clark Boathouse near Frontier Park, ride, and then have some post-ride refreshments at the Trailhead Brewery. More details are here.

Saturday,December 5th at 9am there will be the last workday of the season for Lost Valley. With a good turnout, we will be able to complete a new 1.5 mile section of singletrack that will replace the muddy stretch through the meadow along the fenceline. It wasn't too long ago that Lost Valley had almost no singletrack at all, and with the latest addition, it should put it up close to 5 miles, with the total length of the loop at around 11.5 miles. Please come out and help if you can. As usual, there will be food provided, and the weather looks good for a ride afterward. More info and sign-up is here.

Saturday, December 12th
at 9am will be the start of a Greensfelder workday, followed by the GORC Volunteer Appreciation Party. We will be constructing a reroute around the fall-line section of the DeClue trail below the rock garden. We can use all of the help we can get here, since there's a lot of maintenance that can be done, as well as tweaking some sections of the DeClue extension. More details on the party as they become available.

Creve Coeur Workday- Saturday, Nov. 14th

Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park, Bootlegger’s Run Trail Extension

Help continue construction that will extend the Bootlegger’s Run Trail along the bluffs at the North end of the park and add about a mile of new trail.

When: Saturday, November 14th from 9am - 1pm (FREE LUNCH!) - Bike or Hike After !

Where: Upper Creve Coeur Lake Park (Entrance off Dorsett Rd - Follow Signs to the meeting area at the North end of the park)
(Sign up here and get more info and directions to the park.)

What to bring: Gloves, Sturdy shoes, eye protection, and something to drink on the trail.

GORC & St. Louis County Parks provide: Trail building tools, instructions on trail building, and safety guidelines.

Please contact Sue Kuhnert at 314-615-8822 or email skuhnert@stlouisco.com if you plan to attend.

Volunteers will be rewarded with give-a-ways and Lunch from Big Shark Bicycle Company

2009 Berryman Epic Pictorial

The second running of the Berryman Epic was a wet one. With the river out of its banks and the trails in less than great shape, riders got wet and muddy but the weekend's spirit remained high.

This year the promoters scored a Mueller's beer trailer from the Springfield, MO microbrewery. The BT Epic crew provided tons of prizes and very fairly pulled tickets from a Tour or Race bucket. The winner then pulled out another ticket to see what they won. Cool! - you could end up with Winter Mint Gu or a Garmin GPS unit, it was your call.

The stars were aligned, however, because both Scott Whitaker and Lisa Troehler won two of the three Redline 8-speed d440 29ers being raffled off. The raffle entries were sorted based on sizing so the odds were better for the bikes. Way to go GORC!

Here are some weekend photos from my camera. Unfortunately, I'm missing good photos of Kevin, Steph and myself due to some blurry images.

Here's a link to the race results and below is the list of Tour riders I found online:
First finishers of the Tour are in:

Gerald Hart 6.41.16
Nate Means 6.50.56
Lawrence Colvin 6.54.53
Clinton Chandler 7.13.39
Lonnie Kinkade 7.13.40
Scott Saunders 7.22.26
Jamie Roberts 7.46.27
Bill Turner 8.17.16
Matthew Soraghan 8.17.17
Cynthia Bradley 8.23.47
John LeBlanc 8.24.03
Lorinda Putter 8.24.33
Yuri Cook 8.24.34
James Mercer 8.24.35
Alan Corum 8.28.30
Lisa Longinotti 8.28.31
Jessica Kovarik 8.35.10
Dan Clinkinbeard 8.35.11
Donovan Evans 8.55.23
Jiri Doksansky 8.55.46
Joshua Carroll 8.57.08
Jim Davis 9.03.55
Jeff Mittler 9.03,56
Jeff Foes 9.06.20

As for GORC member racers here's some from the list:

Placement out of 110 finishers or so

12 Mike Barro - Momentum Cycles Racing 5.10.03 (2nd place SS!!!)
20 Larry Koester - GORC 5.30.35 (4th place SS ?!!?)
38 Bryan Adams - GORC 5.58.10
43 Brian Busken - Momentum Cycles Racing 6.01.15
64 Scott Peipert - Wild Trak Bikes 6.46.58
86 Rob Ballou - GORC 7.31.45
90 Kevin Bonney - Mesa Cycles 7.39.46
95 Wendy Davis - Trail Monster 7.49.12
114 Matt Hayes GORC DNF (ouch!)

PS - getting a cabin is the only way to go!

Saturday Tour Day

The river at Bass River Resort was out of its banks and only the taller full-size trucks could brave the waters towing tandem trailers to bring Tour riders to the other side. The water was waist-deep at the low-water bridge crossing.

Joshua Carroll (finished) and Scott Whitaker (rode approx. 28mi) ready for 56 miles of wet fun.

Shot of the Tour riders getting the lowdown.

Lisa (rode about 45mi) crossing the bridge at Brazil creek

Jim Davis (finished) crossing the Brazil Creek

Sunday Race

Racers crossing the river using a tandem trailer and some palettes to stay dry. One rider tried to pass everyone and ended upside down in the river. Wet and foolish at the same time. Ouch.

Scooter checking in at Berryman.

Bryan Adams getting some refills...

Larry Koester on his rigid 29er SS. He did very well on his first Berryman Epic.

Hats off to the promoters - Springfield Bike Co. - for clearing the trail of deadfall and posting 300+ trail arrows. I don't think anyone got lost.

Get ready for next year.

The Berryman Epic - Tour & Race - Oct. 25 - This Weekend

The forecast, unfortunately, has been accurate - it has been raining all day today, Thursday, Oct. 22, 2009. But, the Berryman Epic is upon us and we must be optimistic. This weekend over 100+ mountain bikers from across Missouri and maybe beyond will ride or compete in the Berryman Epic Tour & Race.

Fifty-five miles of singletrack and gravel road awaits us in the middle of the Missouri Ozarks. Hosted by Bass River Resort off Highway 8, mountain bikers will ride for the better part of 6+ hours across some of the state's best Ozark region trails including the Berryman Trail (a 25 miles loop!), almost the entire Courtois section of the Ozark Trail, and some local fireroad/gravel roads.

The Berryman Epic is in its second year and has a substantial cash prize purse and swag offering. While it has been raining this week off and on, racers and tour riders alike look forward to this fall epic. What better way to enjoy the Ozark Trail than to make a weekend of it where all the deadfall has been removed and the trail has been copiously marked?

The race/tour fell on an Ozark Trail Association mega-workday weekend and this year the same has proven true. Be sure to say hi to the great volunteers of the OTA as they camp out in conjunction with the Berryman Epic Tour/Racers at the Bass River Resort. GORC fully supports the multi-use trail efforts of the OTA and commend them for increasing the trail mileage of the Ozark Trail.

Promoting Us at REI National Park Night

Tuesday night several club members went to REI to showcase the goods and the goodness of GORC. Held at the REI in Brentwood, the night celebrated being outdoors and the country's treasures - our National Parks. REI sponsored the night and promoted Ken Burns' new National Parks documentary.

We sold a few hoodies and answered questions about the local trails. If just one new person comes out to a workday or joins the club then you could call the night a success. We also made contact with a few other organizations that are on the lookout for volunteer opportunities for their respective members.

Organizations also in attendance tonight included the Wild Bird Sanctuary, St. Charles County Parks, St. Louis County Parks, Missouri Conservation Department, the Ozark Trail Association and several other groups.

We will also be selling our hoodies and shirts at the Berryman Epic this weekend. Be sure to stop by and say hi.

See you on the trail!

Creve Coeur Workday- Saturday, Oct. 17th

We will be continuing the section of trail that was started last spring along the steep hillside at the North end of the park, heading out and around the tip of a ridge, then exiting the woods opposite the playground area where the road splits into a 1-way loop. When the leaves drop this section will have scenic views of the lake and valley below.

Where: Upper Creve Coeur Lake Park (Entrance off Dorsett Rd - Follow signs to the meeting area at the North end of the park) See here for more discussion.

Please contact Sue Kuhnert at 314-615-8822 or email skuhnertATstlouiscoDOTcom if you plan to attend and post up here.

Volunteers will be rewarded with give-a-ways from Big Shark Bicycle Company, and breakfast snacks and lunch are provided by St. Louis County Parks.

Great Things Happening at Greensfelder

There's so much happening at Greensfelder it's hard to know where to begin. First off, this past Spring saw the development of a maintenance program which is working to keep the trails in good condition, so that we're able to ride them longer than just the peak Summer/Early Fall seasons. There was a race at Dogwood last weekend, after a week with several days of steady rain, and the trail was in great shape. This probably wouldn't have happened last year. There's still a lot of work to do in this regard, but we've made great progress so far. If you're interested in helping, watch for notice of outings in the Greensfelder forum.

St. Louis County Parks also broke ground last weekend on a 1/2 mile section of GORC-designed singletrack that will complete the Eagle Valley trail as a loop coming out at the Visitors Center. This will add a lengthy option for riding in the Park. We're not sure yet how this will best be incorporated into a loop, but it is easy to get from the Green Rock crossing at Scenic Loop Rd. to the Eagle Valley in several different ways.

Work is continuing on the DeClue which will extend it from below the radio tower to the Scenic Loop Rd. It's already possible to do this in some manner, so come on out to a workday or First Sunday ride and find out how.

If any of this sounds good to you, then please come out to the Workday on Sat. Oct. 3rd.
Maplewood Bicycle is sponsoring this workday and will be providing coffee, juice and bagels. They will be providing cool swag giveaways.

9am - 1pm, lunch provided, group ride following lunch
Meet at the "tower" parking lot - first paved lot on the right side of Allenton road coming up from 6 Flags.
More details are here, and you can sign up for the workday here.

Indian Camp Creek Workday- Sept. 26th

We're close to finishing the 4 fingered connector that runs on top of the ridgeline, and can use all the help we can get. This section has been under construction for awhile, so hopefully we can get it done this fall.
Please note: We'll be meeting at Shelter 6 at 9am rather than the main trailhead.
More information can be found here.

Chubb Workday- September 12, 9am

You know it, you ride it, you love it. Come out and help give the Chubb a little TLC. Fred has some reroutes planned for a couple of the fall-line sections leading up to the picnic table. More info on the workday is here. Check out this older article by Sam to find out a few things about the trail itself.

Day 8 & 9 - Side Trip / Home Bound / Wilson Lake

Our last day in Breckenridge was met with rain and so Lisa and I decided to road trip down to the Royal Gorge about 80 miles away and then head up through Salida to check out the downtown scene (and to relive some cool memories in that town).

1053 below you can see the Arkansas River and set of railroad tracks

It looks like a postcard but this is the view from the observation shelter. Pictures and descriptions are nothing compared to actually seeing the gorge. Truly impressive and lives up to the hype.

That night everyone got wrecked one last time before the final push home. Ipods exploded, growlers were emptied, cigars torqued. The GORC Breckenridge trip was coming to a close...

Lisa and I woke up super early with hopes of riding Wilson Lake around Wilson, KS. I read about the trail on the Seagal website and it looked super fun.

This trail is 7 hours from St. Louis and marks the halfway point to the mountains. While the photos look terrific and it has the potential to be a fun trail, I was completely blown out and didn't have too much fun here. The constant wind, beating sun and off-camber/sandy/gravel-on-hardpack made for less-than-stellar ride. The terrain is cool and the views are neat but I can't recommend it unless you're HEADING to the mountains and want a warm-up ride on the way. Maybe I had a bad day. Maybe I was bummed driving back to Missouri.

On the plus side it's only 8 miles off of I-70.

Sandy rock formations dot the landscape

Twisty little grinders

Very dry terrain, rocky and super hardpack. The trail must be cut with an ATV mower and it's mandatory as the desert-like grasses want to scrape you up.

Wilson Lake and the Switchgrass trail - a 15 mile loopy loop

When the trail stayed high along the ridges it was fast and flowy

Curves of madness!

It's Sunday now and work comes tomorrow. I'm dreaming of Durango.

Day 6 & 7 - Keystone / Two Elks near Vail, CO

Lisa and myself rode up Keystone gulch to check out the Erickson Mine while the GORC crew rode Spruce Creek / Burro Trails near Breckenridge.

Beavers owned the stream following Keystone Gulch and you could see where staff kept knocking down the dams to keep the road from flooding.

Near the timberline you could walk about 30 feet into a mineshaft.

Outside the mine shaft. Some hardy folks worked this area.

Near the top of Keystone Gulch approaching the historic Erikson Mine

Hard rock mining at the top of the world - looking towards the Breckenridge valley two mountain over - you can make out the ski runs in the distance.

Mine ruins above the world

Descending back to Keystone - 7.5 miles up (2 hours) / 7.5 miles down (20 minutes)

The next day everyone rode Two Elks and Bowman's Shortcut from Vail Pass down into Minturn. Epic!

A view at "Top of the World" - a 360 degree view of mountains - very humbling

You can't really make it out but this is a wall of dirt so heinous that I had to stop and get a picture. Some people rode it all the way out!

Scooter coming down Bowman's Shortcut

They look like rocks or flowers but they're really free-range sheep

Scott and Scott passing through a wildflower meadow. Two Elks dropped through one of Vail's ski runs and followed a tight creek valley all the way down into Minturn.

Marvin in the meadow

A new bridge crossed the river - here Lisa takes a break.

Everyone made it safely down into Minturn some 3,000 feet lower than at our highest point

Day 4 & 5 - Peaks Trail & A Rest Day

Group photo before heading onto Peaks Trail in Breckenridge

This is how you fix the pine beetle problem - or build mansions

Flowing on Peaks

Gnarl sketch section after descending gently at speed almost got me wrecked

Group photo by Rainbow Lake

Dirt jumps in Frisco at the end of Peaks Trail

Rest day - Matt, Lisa, Bryan, Steph and Scooter went to the South Park museum in Fairplay

Then we drove up to Leadville via Buena Vista. It was busy for the upcoming Leadville 100.

Day 2 & 3 - Kenosha Pass and Local Trails (and a Mine)

More photos from the GORC trip. All from Matt's camera.

Durango Doug took myself and Lisa to a mine he saw from the house driveway. Spontaneous decision at dusk to check it out. Climbing in and out below the gate was a challenge. Worth the effort, though.

Checking out inside the mine, Doug leads me deeper into the unknown. The rocks on the ground are from the mine roof breaking apart over time.

You can see how far back we went inside. Lisa stayed at the gate and probably thought we were crazy. However, she did check it out once we didn't die from a cave-in.

Just outside the mine and getting very dark outside.

Kenosha Pass trailhead

At the high point of the Kenosha to Breckenridge Colorado Trail - 11,985

Our bike shop

Coming up the pass

Solid new bridge construction on the CT

Bryan on Kenosha

Cool view

Mine near the Baker's Tank Loop

Durango Doug rounding the switchback

Riding up to the other house

Group shot before the 1st day ride.

One of the two homes the GORC crew had for the week. Easily a $2.4+ house (mansion)