Day 2 & 3 - Kenosha Pass and Local Trails (and a Mine)

More photos from the GORC trip. All from Matt's camera.

Durango Doug took myself and Lisa to a mine he saw from the house driveway. Spontaneous decision at dusk to check it out. Climbing in and out below the gate was a challenge. Worth the effort, though.

Checking out inside the mine, Doug leads me deeper into the unknown. The rocks on the ground are from the mine roof breaking apart over time.

You can see how far back we went inside. Lisa stayed at the gate and probably thought we were crazy. However, she did check it out once we didn't die from a cave-in.

Just outside the mine and getting very dark outside.

Kenosha Pass trailhead

At the high point of the Kenosha to Breckenridge Colorado Trail - 11,985

Our bike shop

Coming up the pass

Solid new bridge construction on the CT

Bryan on Kenosha

Cool view

Mine near the Baker's Tank Loop

Durango Doug rounding the switchback

Riding up to the other house

Group shot before the 1st day ride.

One of the two homes the GORC crew had for the week. Easily a $2.4+ house (mansion)

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