All Trails at Greensfelder Now Multi-Use

As of Monday, May 26th all trails at Greensfelder County Park are multi-use. It's more important than ever now to make sure you're up to speed on IMBA's Rules of the Trail, and practice good trail etiquette when encountering equestrians out there.
IMBA's website has an interesting article about bike/equestrian interaction.

I Am Spartacus

Tom Erb designed Spartacus several years ago to help with much of the rockwork at Klondike, but since we've been using it quite a bit as of late, I thought I'd mention it again.
This is a very clever device, made out of chains arranged in concentric circles, that lets you move heavy objects, usually rocks, when you don't have the luxury of bringing in heavy equipment. The rock is maneuvered onto Spartacus, and then up to 8 handles allow for a number of people, strong of back, weak of mind, to carry or drag it to the desired position.
The plans for building your own have been released under the Creative Commons license, or you can pay Tom to build one for you.

New Trail at Bangert Island

Mike Dunston and rest of the St. Charles County GORC Crew have been busy as usual. May 20th is the scheduled grand opening of a new 2.5 mile trail located near the intersection of I-70 and 5th Street. Here's a preliminary map to give you an idea of the location. We'll keep you updated as we get more details.