Where Does My Bike Come From?

Maybe Santa left you something shiny with 2 wheels under the tree? Ever wonder where it came from? I knew in general terms that most frames, if not complete bikes, along with everything else these days, seem to come from the Far East. This article breaks it down by company.
The article where the link came from (an ad may appear on the Salon site) also provides some interesting food for thought about bikes and society in general. It would be interesting to see how much of Trek's $2 million spent on bike-friendly infrastructure advocacy goes toward mountain biking.

Upcoming Events - December

Coming up this month:

December 3- Wednesday, 7 pm- Regular monthly meeting at the Schlafly Tap Room.

December 6- Saturday, 9 am- Lost Valley Maintenance Day. Almost everyone in the world goes to LV 2-3 times a year, because this place is just plain ol' fun. So, please put this date on your schedule and come out and help perform some much needed maintenance on this beloved trail.

December 12- Friday, 7 pm- Night Ride at Bangert Island. We will be gathering in downtown St. Chuck, near the "boathouse" for a night ride at Bangert. There might be a surprise or two in store for the ride, so charge up your lights and come on out and have some fun. We also have a room reserved at Trailhead for post-ride discussions on the economy and such.

December 20- Saturday, 9 am- SIUE Workday. We are going to complete Trail 5 and make it a true loop. We will also finish up some maintenance activities on Trail 1 if we get a good turn out.