Spring 2010 Workday Schedule

Clearing Corridor for new trail at Matson Hill

Spring 2010 Workdays

January 17th- North Trace Sawyer Run
February 6th- SIUE Maintenance
February 27th- Greensfelder
March 13th- Castlewood
March 20th- Matson Hill
March 27th- Creve Coeur
April 10th- Greensfelder
April 24th- Castlewood
May 1st- Creve Coeur
May 15th- Matson Hill
May 22nd- Matson Hill
June 5th- Matson Hill

Matson Hill Workday- Sat. Dec. 19th

Craig at the new DeClue creek crossing completed at the Dec. 12th Greensfelder workday
When: Saturday, December 19th, 2009. From 9:00am-1:00pm.

What: We're having the last workday of the year at Matson Hill Park, and everyone is invited. 

This is the continuation of a multi-year project, and we hope to TRIPLE OR QUADRUPLE the current trail mileage at Matson by the time we’re finished.

Directions: Please note that we are not parking at the main Matson Trailhead/parking lot.

From the Highway 40/94 interchange:
• Take Highway 94 South for 7.4 miles to F (turn right on F).
• Stay on F for 3 miles, then turn left on Stub Road. Follow Stub Road for ~.5 miles to gate, and follow directions from there. 

• You can also click this for a Google map link. Clicking the green bike will give you the “get directions” link. 

What to bring: Gloves, Sturdy shoes, eye protection, and something to drink on the trail. It’s also a good idea to read through the article “What to expect at a workday”.

Why: To add more multi-use single track (natural surface) trail to the existing Matson loop. This is Phase One of a multi phase project, eventually utilizing 400+ acres of new Park property.

Please RSVP via ONE of the following (to make sure we bring enough food):

GORC & St. Charles County Parks will provide: Trail building tools, instructions on trail building, safety guidelines, and lunch (menu still TBD, but rumored to be Bekin’s chicken chili).

Greensfelder Workday and Volunteer Appreciation Party

Saturday, December 12th from 9am-1pm we'll be working on rerouting the section around the creek crossing below the rock garden. This is a fall-line section that's unable to be maintained. After this, there will be only a few other sections on both DeClue and Dogwood which are fall-line, and should help extend the time that Greensfelder is rideable throughout the year. We're also going to be doing a short reroute on the DeClue extension, and if we have enough people, there are a lot of other little projects we can work on.
Afterwards, there will be a party with refreshments for GORC volunteers to thank them for the hard work they've put in over the year to build new trails, and make the ones we have better. More info and sign-up are here.

Separated at Birth?

November/December Happenings

A little slow reporting things lately. Some items of note:

The Nov. 14th workday at Creve Coeur Park saw the completion of the latest segment of the Bootlegger's Run trail. There's now nearly 3 miles of singletrack there with more to come! The map has been updated to show all of the trail in the upper section of the park.

Mike Dunston, Craig and the St. Charles County crew have been busy continuing work on an extension at Indian Camp Creek, new trail at Matson, and some short reroutes at Bangert Island.

Wednesday, December 2nd at 7pm will have the regular monthly meeting at the Tap Room.

Friday, December 4th at 7pm is the last of St. Charles County Parks Moonlight Ride series for the year. This one is at Bangert Island. Meet at the Lewis & Clark Boathouse near Frontier Park, ride, and then have some post-ride refreshments at the Trailhead Brewery. More details are here.

Saturday,December 5th at 9am there will be the last workday of the season for Lost Valley. With a good turnout, we will be able to complete a new 1.5 mile section of singletrack that will replace the muddy stretch through the meadow along the fenceline. It wasn't too long ago that Lost Valley had almost no singletrack at all, and with the latest addition, it should put it up close to 5 miles, with the total length of the loop at around 11.5 miles. Please come out and help if you can. As usual, there will be food provided, and the weather looks good for a ride afterward. More info and sign-up is here.

Saturday, December 12th
at 9am will be the start of a Greensfelder workday, followed by the GORC Volunteer Appreciation Party. We will be constructing a reroute around the fall-line section of the DeClue trail below the rock garden. We can use all of the help we can get here, since there's a lot of maintenance that can be done, as well as tweaking some sections of the DeClue extension. More details on the party as they become available.