Great Things Happening at Greensfelder

There's so much happening at Greensfelder it's hard to know where to begin. First off, this past Spring saw the development of a maintenance program which is working to keep the trails in good condition, so that we're able to ride them longer than just the peak Summer/Early Fall seasons. There was a race at Dogwood last weekend, after a week with several days of steady rain, and the trail was in great shape. This probably wouldn't have happened last year. There's still a lot of work to do in this regard, but we've made great progress so far. If you're interested in helping, watch for notice of outings in the Greensfelder forum.

St. Louis County Parks also broke ground last weekend on a 1/2 mile section of GORC-designed singletrack that will complete the Eagle Valley trail as a loop coming out at the Visitors Center. This will add a lengthy option for riding in the Park. We're not sure yet how this will best be incorporated into a loop, but it is easy to get from the Green Rock crossing at Scenic Loop Rd. to the Eagle Valley in several different ways.

Work is continuing on the DeClue which will extend it from below the radio tower to the Scenic Loop Rd. It's already possible to do this in some manner, so come on out to a workday or First Sunday ride and find out how.

If any of this sounds good to you, then please come out to the Workday on Sat. Oct. 3rd.
Maplewood Bicycle is sponsoring this workday and will be providing coffee, juice and bagels. They will be providing cool swag giveaways.

9am - 1pm, lunch provided, group ride following lunch
Meet at the "tower" parking lot - first paved lot on the right side of Allenton road coming up from 6 Flags.
More details are here, and you can sign up for the workday here.

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