The Berryman Epic - Tour & Race - Oct. 25 - This Weekend

The forecast, unfortunately, has been accurate - it has been raining all day today, Thursday, Oct. 22, 2009. But, the Berryman Epic is upon us and we must be optimistic. This weekend over 100+ mountain bikers from across Missouri and maybe beyond will ride or compete in the Berryman Epic Tour & Race.

Fifty-five miles of singletrack and gravel road awaits us in the middle of the Missouri Ozarks. Hosted by Bass River Resort off Highway 8, mountain bikers will ride for the better part of 6+ hours across some of the state's best Ozark region trails including the Berryman Trail (a 25 miles loop!), almost the entire Courtois section of the Ozark Trail, and some local fireroad/gravel roads.

The Berryman Epic is in its second year and has a substantial cash prize purse and swag offering. While it has been raining this week off and on, racers and tour riders alike look forward to this fall epic. What better way to enjoy the Ozark Trail than to make a weekend of it where all the deadfall has been removed and the trail has been copiously marked?

The race/tour fell on an Ozark Trail Association mega-workday weekend and this year the same has proven true. Be sure to say hi to the great volunteers of the OTA as they camp out in conjunction with the Berryman Epic Tour/Racers at the Bass River Resort. GORC fully supports the multi-use trail efforts of the OTA and commend them for increasing the trail mileage of the Ozark Trail.

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