Get Out There and Explore

The weather keeps improving as the weeks roll by so now's the time to get the wheels turning and exploring. It's time to plan a Missouri Straycation and see what lies beyond the next county or three. Maybe ride through three counties on a bike-packing trip. Branson has some sweet new trail and the Ozark Trail offers more than just Berryman or Middlefork.  Don't forget about Trace Creek, the Courtois or even the Karkaghne sections. All are just three hours or less from St. Louis.

So get out and stray a little. This view can be recreated only 4.5 miles from Greensfelder proper - but that's for you to discover. Relay your adventures back on our message board for everyone else to enjoy and have fun. Take your camera. Wade in the creek. Or watch the lizards shred the dirt.

It's time to shed the jackets and explore the springtime Missouri backcountry.