Monthly Meeting Location Change

The room at the Tap Room where we normally hold our monthly meetings is booked for August 1st, so it's being moved to Lemmons. More information, including a link to a map, is available here. There's no telling who will show up!

Council Bluff/Ozark Trail Ride

I rode at Council Bluff for the first time in awhile this weekend. The trail was in good shape with 3 or 4 downed trees.
For those of you interested in a change of pace from riding the lake shore trail once in each direction you might consider throwing in a few bits of the Ozark Trail which begin at the bridge over the Telleck Branch. I rode around the lake clockwise, and then headed up the OT first on South Trace to Hwy. 32, then up the Middle Fork to the DD/32 trailhead and back, skipping the North Trace to DD section this time. According to the mileage from this ride and the OTA's mileage measurements, the 3 OT out-and-back sections alone are about 15 miles. The OTA's members have done a great job keeping these trails clear, especially in the wake of last year's storms. There were only a couple of trees down on the Middle Fork.
Council Bluff is a great base to use for exploring the area, plus a swim in the lake afterward is fantastic, especially after a ride on a warm summer day.
More info can be found on the GORC Trails Page, or on the Ozark Trail Website