Hot & Juicy...?

Saturday's ride started out nice...

We rolled down my driveway at around 7am, trying to beat the heat. Yeah, Right.

I promised some word on the Buzz-Kills from Bontrager, and here's the word: They Work! The first test was the cobbles of South Main in St.Charles. It felt like a 35c front tire, even though I'm only runnin' a 23c Michelin.

Then came the real test at around the 40 mile mark. A 3.2 mile section of gravel, that does not get graded very often. It's pretty bumpy, and dusty, and can be very sketchy. 3-Bowl and I were flyin' along at a pretty good clip when we hit the gravel road, we continued to "give it some stick" for the duration of the gravel, keeping the pace over 20mph for the whole section. Kinda felt like some of the Roubaix footage you see...(Is this why no-one will ever ride with me'n Larry, I wonder...).

By the end of the gravel Larry wuz shakin' his hands around, but I was totally comfortable. No problems at all, so I'd say this little added weight to the bike is worth it, if you ride sketchy roads (like I love to).

When we got back into St. Chuck proper, and out of 'the country', things got ugly. It felt like this dude was riding with us!

Me'n 3-bowl were both feeling the effects of 45 miles at a decent clip, and we had at least 16 more to go!

I was Spanked when I got home. Sat in the kiddie pool with the kids, and went inside to watch the tour and pass-out.

Another great Saturday ride. Why do I do this...?

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