Time for a break from the HEAT!!!

Let's go back to winter!

Suddenly, those frigid, dark, slushy, Tuesday night rides at Lost Valley don't sound so bad... There's some road rides going on this weekend.

Some GORC idiots will be riding out to Portage du Souix, lot's of flats, and maybe a breeze if we're lucky. I like to get 3-bowl out on the flats where I can still hang with him.

I've got a fun route that leaves from my house, includes a couple of miles on a gravel road, a mile or so of Katy(if you want) and totals about 65 miles. I get to try my new Bontrager Buzz-Kill vibration dampeners:http://www.bontrager.com/Road/Parts_and_Accessories/Handlebar_Accessories/5882.php

Let's see if Keith's "snake oil" works, I'll update after the weekend. Post a message on the Group Rides board if you want to join the fun-fest. Leaves my house at probably 7am, comes past the soccer fields at Elm&370 at around 7:45am.

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