Police Chaser

From May 1-8 the International Police Mountain Bike Association held their annual conference in Chesterfield. Part of their training involved getting some off-road saddle time at nearby Castlewood state park. GORC supplied some volunteer trail guides to help direct the IPMBA participants to trails appropriate for their skill level and, of course, to keep them from getting lost... or arrested or something.

In the above photo Craig Seibert demonstrates how to use your focused chi energy to snap standard police issue handcuffs.

Mike Dunston found and posted this STLToday vid to the GORC forum...
...there aren't any GORCsters in the vid but it's got skid stops and gunfire.

Besides Seibert, the other GORC helpers were Ryan Overhoff, Fred Williams, Greg Suter, Charles Wells, Scott Nelson and maybe one other dude. GORC chieftain Bryan Adams posted this appreciation letter he received on the forum...

I tried to limit myself to just a few doughnut jokes in an effort to not besmirch the club's good name... and not get shot.

The bulk of my other photos from the event are largely based around the incredulity of a horse trailer jammed full of bikes.

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