Clif Bar Grant Purchase In Action

Last year we received a $500 grant from Clif Bar to purchase a Stihl Yard Boss. I'd seen Glenn using it at workdays at Lost Valley, Creve Coeur and Greensfelder, but those were all on relatively small sections.
Here, we took it out to the Dogwood trail, and used it to remove a large berm that was causing water to be channeled straight down the trail.
This section was about 60' long, and Glenn ripped through it in a little over an hour. It probably would have taken the two of us most of the day to do it by hand. In these pictures, he's around half-way done, and you can see the height of the berm next to the mud. The Yard Boss is a pretty slick little machine, and we're planning to use it even more to help with maintenance and trail building.


B-Unit said...

Should you guys need similar assistance in the future, I'd be willing to inconsiderately plow through your work zone on my bike again if you think that helped at all.

seamonkey said...

Just think if we had a couple more, we'd get a ton of deberming knocked out on maint days.