Mariachi twins

Yea, I know the title is dorky. But don't worry, Bryan and I won't start wearing matching sweaters or anything.
Christmas came early for this young man and what better day to try out the new ride then at SIUE in the snow.
Kirby, Mike D. Randy, Bryan and I went out for a nooner. Well, ride that is. Riding in the snow is kind of difficult. It combines the two of the things that drive me batty. 1. Inability to clip in, and 2. Riding in mud.
Of course it was just snow, but you still snail it around like you are in mud or sand. The great thing was the slow motion falls into the stuff. That was fun.
Anywhoo, great time out there!
Oh, and here is the newest member of our family.

Here is some sexy side action.

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