Klondike workday-appreciation party!
10 years of GORC

Ah! I remember it so clearly. It was a dreary Saturday morning. Bryan and I found ourselves traveling off to Klondike. We chattered about how much fun it was going to be. Start the day off with trail work, follow that up with a ride and then it is PARTYTIME!!!! I was worrying about having enough food, beer, cake, etc. There were so many people signed up that I wanted to make sure everyone had enough. Then THOR took his hammer in hand and placed his magic belt around his waist.

For those of you who have not heard, my husband Bryan has an alter ego (or two). His alias is Thor. You know who Thor is, the Germanic god of thunder. He had red hair and a beard and rode upon a chariot drawn by goats. Goats? Well that's good because horses don't seem to want to do anything for Bryan anyway, let alone draw a chariot, but that is another story. I assume Ron chose the name Thor because the name has power! According to the Romans Jupiter Pluvius is the rain god, of course so is Zeus. Zeus is too powerful and Jupiter, well, it's Jupiter!
As we get closer to Klondike the god of thunder becomes larger than life. Oh yea, the rain just keeps coming and coming. Our hopes of a large turn out were slowly dwindling away. The gallons of chili, 4 kegs of beer, and a whole sheet cake started to seem a bit like overkill.
We arrive at the park and get directed to the maintenance shed. Woohoo! Shelter and heat, great combo. This is where the downed teeter is brought back to life. Thor brought along an E-Z up because he knows all to well about his secret powers. So the rock drops were able to be dropped in.
We gathered at the conference center for BBQ provided by St. Charles county. Mike and Craig & Co. headed out afterward to do some finishing teeter touches. The rest of us stayed inside for plan B.
What was plan B? Well it isn't the emergency birth control. Plan B is code for the keg of stout must die. Oh yea, it fought bravely, but we persevered. Of course the movie Beerfest helped keep our spirits high.
At some point there was a Donjo sighting.

Sorry St. Charles county, we have renamed this billy goat Donjo! Apparently he is a free wheeling guy & an opportunistic whore just like his namesake. He has been at the park for a couple of years just grazing along.
After the movies it was chow time! The elk chili that the Knopps brought was demolished There wasn't much left of it. There was also mild chili, hot chili and lil smokies. Tons of food left, but everyone stuffed to the gills.
Then more BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And of course CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After we killed the cake, we headed up to the cabins. All of the cabins were donated to GORC by St. Charles. How awesome! We each had our own cabins practically. Cameron and Co. had their own. He, his wife, and two daughters nestled down in Cabin F.
Then there was fire! Two blazing fires kept our toes and buns warm as we sipped on some fine Schlafly beer. Then it was time to retire for the night.
Of course in the wee hours of the morning Thor had to shake his hammer again. It started to thunder and lightening outside. But we were all nestled in our beds so he couldn't cause to much havoc.
You all missed a great party! We'll have to celebrate again when the weather is nicer and more hospitable!

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