Greensfelder Scouting Report

I scouted on Saturday and Sunday to pick and choose control points, points of interest, technical lines, fast lines, groovy curves, and flowing scenery. The park offers terrain unlike any other public land in St. Louis. It features deep Ozark valleys, exposed layers of rocky Kimmswick limestone, sinkholes, maybe some caves and a ton of abundant wildlife. It's all still preliminary but the vision is becoming clearer. I predict we can fit 2 miles into the hillsides we are allowed to work on. This doesn't include the other side of the Scenic Loop road.

If you look at our work to date on an aeriel map you would see that mountain biking is only permitted in less than 10% of the overall park. But you'd think with the existing Dogwood and Declue trails that you cover a lot of ground. Not really. We've just stacked the trail on the hillsides to maximize the length and touch on as many points of interest as possible. Let's keep the momentum rolling to ensure this park is the premier hiking and biking destination. Why drive to the Ozarks when the best trails are right out your backdoor?

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