A chill in the air!

Kirby and I hit SIUE on Saturday afternoon. Also out enjoying the cool crisp air was MikeD. Mike was doing his own thing though, so we just had the occasional run-in when we weren't able to hide from him.

It was around 20 degrees that day, with the trail being nicely frozen solid. A few ruts here and there from people a little too anxious to ride, but for the most part the trail was in excellent shape. Kirby wanted to ride the perimeter with the added Trail 4 to get a total mileage. From our calculations, it will be about 7 miles total. Trail 4 is going to be killer once it's finished and smoothed out.

Here's a nice photo of Kirb coming down the double dippity doo on Trail 3 right before turning onto the connector to Trail 4.

Remember the upcoming workday on Feb. 24th to complete this part of the SIUE puzzle. It's your chance to give back and help finish this important trail. Check the GORC forum for details and register for your chance at free food and great prizes!

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