Ozark Trail Update

It's been a lot of work, and slowly but surely, the downed trees from the strong spring and summer storms are being cleared away. 2 out of the past 3 weekends have seen some GORC members helping out, clearing our adopted North Trace Creek section. About 11 of the 16 miles are now clear. GORC also cleared the Council Bluff trail, which as some of you may have heard had over 40 trees down on it 2 weeks ago.
This past weekend, the OTA had a maintenance workday and cleared all of the trails from the Telleck Branch to DD and 32, including some work on North Trace. Just to show how difficult a task this is, by the time a couple of us rode over the Trace and Middle Fork sections north of Hwy. 32 the next day, there were already 3 new trees down!

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