Gorc beauty makeover

As many of you know, we at GORC pride ourselves on our ability to makeover some of the areas trails. But the trail themselves have asked that we highlight one of their hidden talents. MAKEOVERS! As you can see they specialize in facials. I received the Moonlight Ramble facial.

The trail has many secret ingredients they use, but they have allowed me to talk about a few of them. Pavement. Don't underestimate the power of pavement. It comes in several different colors. From black to grey, or even red! I chose the black pavement. We used just a touch below my left eye, under my nose, and my chin. I got a couple of cute temporary tatoos as well. I know! On the face? but they just looked like little mouse whiskers and I took them off later.

Julie on the other hand received the Lost Valley facial. Hers was a mixture of gravel and dirt. They grind the two up into a mixture and she chose to focus on the right side. The concoction started above her right eye and followed it down to her chin. She chose some tatoos as well, to go above her eye. Very nice, but she chose to keep them hidden for our monthly galla. She wasn't too sure if GORC would except facial tatoos. Julie is new to the club. I had the privilege to be there for her first facial. Afterward, she had so much excitement we were worried she couldn't walk out. So, a very nice fireman cut the chain and let the trail chariot come pick her up. Curb side. What service! It was also Bryan's birthday. Julie missed the pretzel, but we'll get her one of her own someday.

Anyway, I am sure you have seen a lot of others touched by the hands of the trail. Each one of us are able to get our own unique makeovers. No two are alike. Some are full body makeovers! The price of these makeovers can be anywhere from free to whatever co-pay your insurance charges. But believe me, they are worth it!

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