Into the Woods Again, Aug 25-27

This weekend we're heading down to Council Bluffs lake for a fun-filled weekend of riding, camping, and maybe a little work. On Saturday August 26th we'll be doing chainsaw, handsaw, lopper, and signage maintenance on the North Trace Creek section of the Ozark Trail. This is a great OT section that GORC has Adopted through the OTA's Adopt-A-Trail program. We haven't worked on it since February (at least three good windstorms) so we expect a good day's work for as many people as we can get down there. You do not need a chainsaw or chainsaw experience to help. We need helpers as much as sawyers right now. We'll split into crews (usually 2-5 people) each with a chainsaw in a bike trailer, to divide and conquer, so you get to ride your bike even during the workday.

The US Forest Service has given us free camping at council bluffs on Friday and Saturday nights (Group Campsite B). And GORC or gorc members are footing the bill for some fine quality free beer and BBQ for saturday night (disclaimer: strategic beer reserves are always recommended). We even have our favorite chaos butterfly coming down that afternoon to start the grill and tap the mini-keg.

There are four trails to ride from one place in this area: Council Bluffs, North Trace Creek, South Trace Creek, and Middle Fork. So there's plenty of riding (or working if you're so inclined) for the rest of the weekend. Ideally we'll have enough people to make the work go fast.

If you think you can make it, please let us know on the forum at
There are more details there too.

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