5.17 gallons of fun

There will be a 5 gallon keg of schlafly summer kolsch 1n group campsite B, free for volunteers. Non-volunteer hangers-on can donate $$$ or be sneaky, depending on how light the keg is. Enjoy the last of the summer seasonal brew. It'll get there Friday night and last as long as it lasts. So we'll have fun rain or shine. It's not too late to come down and help us this weekend, with the trail, the food, and the beer.

Now Mesa Cycles is giving anyone who helps a discount on their entry fee to the Burnin' at the Bluff 12-hour race on Oct 7th too.

Please sign up on our forum here.

If you don't like signing up in public, you can email tom at onespeed at gmail /dot/ com too but there are no guarantees I'll get it after lunchtime friday. Or just show up. We ain't picky.

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