South Trace plea for help, and free beer

The weekend is almost here. The Ozark Trail Association is pretty overwhelmed by their own festival planning, and some major storms and a few fires have caused an abnormal amount of trail maintenance needs along the Ozark Trail lately. So to help out GORC has volunteered to do some deadfall clearing on the South Trace Creek section of the OT. This is from Council Bluffs to Bell Mountain. Who am I kidding, it's selfish. There's an awesome trail here under a bunch of logs, and if we clear them, it'll be like a brand new trail in our own backyard. Plus we'll make it fun.

The plan for this weekend is pretty simple right now. We'll meet at the DD/hwy 32 middle fork trailhead at 9am Saturday morning (april 22). Yes it's early, but if we get a decent start and have enough help to do three crews or so, we could probably get an unencumbered ride in afterward. On Saturday we'll break up into groups to divide and conquer the deadfall on South Trace with chainsaws, USFS-certified sawyers, bob trailers, and helpers. We need all the help we can get because sawyers can't work by themselves and there will be lots of cut wood to move. We'll camp saturday night, then ride whichever trail we want just for fun on Sunday. This type of day is noisier, but less backbreaking than normal trailwork and we get to ride our bikes from point to point. The more people we have the easier this will be.

To sweeten the deal, I'll bring at least a case of some quality beer TBD to share on Saturday night, better than and in addition to my usual cheap camping beer.

Stay tuned to this topic in the gorc forum for updates, to express interest, maybe set up a carpool, etc. If anyone without a bike wants to help, say so on the forum or let me know and we'll make arrangements for a hike-in crew too.


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