Coming soon to a trail near you?

Yes, folks. Segway is now making and selling an off-road model, the Segway XT Cross Terrain Transporter.

From the website:
The wider track increases stability on uneven ground, and the Segway XT happily navigates a variety of surfaces including sand, grass, gravel, dirt and pavement. Depending on local regulations, it may be possible to use the Segway XT on multi-use pathways but it is not intended for use on sidewalks or pedestrian walkways.

I wonder how it will go over at Segway Polo games.

Then they've got the Concept Centaur, not for sale. It's like a mini electric Segway ATV that can switch from two to four wheels on the fly, i.e. ride a wheelie for you, in case doing that on your couch was too hard. I first saw this in one my my freebie electronics magazines but now it's on the Segway website.

I'm offering a six-pack to the first person to provide me a picture of someone navigating the steps at Chubb or the slab on donkey kong with either of these. 30-second photoshops don't count.

Thank goodness these things cost so much and we have hard trails. Hopefully that's enough to keep them on the golf course and nowhere else. I don't think the sky is falling yet. To be fair, I'd still play on either of them if given the chance.

Segway XT Cross Terrain Transporter
Concept Centaur article
Concept Centaur

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easyguy97 said...

You have to admit...any battery powered machine that can transport a 260 lb. man 10 miles in offroad transport, is quite amazing.
At Epcot (disney) we saw a 4 wheeled wheelchair (made by the inventor of sedgway) would go up steps 2 wheels at a time. keeping perfect balance! They made it stand up balancing on back 2 wheels..then shoved it as hard as they slid forward,but stayed upright! Dave