The Pimp putting the hurt on at Froze Toes!

The Pimp, 3-Bowl, Fixie and I went over and tried our luck at the Winter Worlds (a.k.a. Froze Toes) yesterday. Those guys raced the 19+ 5's while I was in the 3/4's. I took out at 11:30 and did a fairly easy 31 mile loop only losing the pack at the last few meters up to the line. I felt pretty good about this considering, well it's February for christ's sake and it was a 3/4's race.

For the other guys, I expected nothing less than a win. The GORC boys failed to come home with the hardware, but did put on a good showing. Unfortunately, our boy Fixie got segregated from the other two for being an even number. Apparently, there were too many 5's and due to their unsafe riding skills, were forced to half the field. That left Fixie to fend for himself and the Pimp and 3-Bowl to wreck havoc on their own. It sounded like they attempted to stir the field, but couldn't get anything going until the final few miles. With a couple guys off the front, the Pimp attacked dragging 3-Bowl with him to the line. At 30+, 3-Bowl was set adrift and the Pimp came across the line in fine GORC fashion as the picture below will prove. Great job by those guys to make it a race!

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Tom said...

Of course he's going fast. It's downhill!