The crazy folks from down under have done it!

Imagine being a kangaroo. As a kangaroo you naturally love mountain biking. But alas, it is such a hassle getting the bike to and from your favorite trail. You've tried adding a hitch mounted rack to your tail, but it chafes and you are losing patches of hair. You tried putting it into your cool little marsupial pouch. But with each hop the handlebars smack you square in the nose and the pedals dent the 40oz Fosters stored in your pouch.

Well, the cool folks at OnYerBikes have come up with a solution. A folding Mountain Bike! Now you can have a snazzy Full Suspension rig complete with SRAM X9 components that folds up small enough to fit comfortably in your pouch so that you can take it anywhere! Check it out at:


terbo said...

Wow, it looks like a Trek Why bike with spinergies.

Anonymous said...

And what was wrong with either of those technologies? ;)