Oklahoma in the Hotseat

While canoeing the lower Buffalo river in Northwest Arkansas last weekend we saw smoke and an airplane going back and forth looking at it, didn't know if it was a wildfire or prescribed burn. Then coming back to civilization we saw that Oklahoma, Texas, and a little bit of Arkansas are getting pounded by early-season wildfires. We camped along the river probably 1/2 mile from #26 on the map above (Duck Head WF) which is 1500 acres big by now.

Note if you're camping in Arkansas any time soon that most of the state has a burn ban in effect. The mountain biking there is great and not that far away, plus it's a little warmer. Ouachita, Syllamo, or Womble, anyone? Missouri is not yet a high fire danger on the NOAA map but it still might be better to throw that Christmas tree in the lake for the crappie instead of burning it...


Active Fire Map from the Forest Service
NOAA drought outlook and explanation of the high fire danger
Arkansas burn ban map
NPR story about wildfires in Texas and Oklahoma
the inevitable Wildfire prevention tips

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