Building A New Resource For Mountain Bikers and Volunteers: GORC's New Web Site

Since August of 2012 GORC has been quietly building its new web site behind the scenes. The large project is being managed by GORC's web administrator who has been working long nights to ensure the new site is both functional and usable.

GORC submitted two grants which were both awarded. One is an Every Day grant from the National Environmental Education Fund (NEEF) which is made possible by Toyota. The other is an REI grant that is focused on non-profits that are making it a goal to get more volunteers out to local 'giving back' events such as our trail building days. We are very thankful for receiving these major grants as this project would not be possible.

We have partnered with the local web development firm, Spry Digital that specializes in non-profit site building and the Drupal/CiviCRM platform. This content management system was extensively researched and is currently the best open-source membership-focused system. This platform allows for decentralized content management and a feature-rich contact resource management (CRM) system that will allow GORC to attract new members, track volunteer activities and report to land agencies. CiviCRM is the same platform IMBA has chosen to use in its Club Chapter program and overall membership tracking.

It has been our goal to showcase the development going on in the background but it hasn't been until this past week that time could be devoted to anything else but the development of the new GORC site. We have included only screenshots of the back-end management system and not the public domain web site as it is still currently being themed by Spry Digital.

The tentative launch date is March 21st but that is dependent on several factors. Think of it as a floating launch date. GORC is planning a website launch party at the Civil Life March 23rd (tentative). Stay tuned for additional details - and once we know the site will be up and running.

Project Summary:
Site Platforms: Drupal 7, CiviCRM 4.2.0, IPBoard 3.4.2
Other Platform Tie-Ins: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google Business Mail, Mailchimp, Paypal
Development Time: About 7 months

Funding Sources: 
NEEF Every Day Grant made possible by Toyota
REI Gives Grant
Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ)
Other private monetary donations.

Screenshots of the Back-End Administration and Contact/Membership System:

Check back in the coming weeks for additional blog posts about this exciting new project that is about to launch.


Bill_C said...

Suggestion for new website:

Make it very simple to view (and update) trail conditions - similar to what they have here:

That way we eliminate the excuse of "it's hard to find current trail conditions". It would even be possible to stand up a "St Louis Trails" website that links back to the information where all trail users can find trail conditions.

Longer term, it would be good to build a simple app that allows users to easily view and update trail conditions.

Taylor Bell said...

Still trying to get my 14yo son to read this. Maybe I'll do an end-around and read aloud to the 10yo. That usually hooks in the older one, too. But I don't think my daughter will love the story. It has the "no girls" problem AND I don't think the whole band of brothers thing is something she will have patience with.

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