GORC Vacation 2012 - Crested Butte - Hartman Rocks


On the second to last day, GORC piled into our respective vehicles and arrived in Gunnison, Colorado about forty minutes later. Today was a treat... Hartman Rocks!

This stacked trail network has been on many GORCers must-ride list for years and now they were getting to finally ride it. And it didn't let anyone down! While the individual trails are short, they are all inter-connected totaling over 40 miles in length. A popular race, Rage in the Sage, is held here in the high-desert wonderland - an anomaly surrounded by alpine mountain tops.

The group getting set up. Sunscreen? Grease 'em up.

Per Colorado trail code, all great rides begin with a climb
from where the cars are parked. Ugh! Get it!

These are most likely some of the rocks that
put the Rocks in Hartman Rocks ... what?

Panel of the terrain. 

Climbing up mid-way through the ride to hit more Awesome trail.

Steve and Lisa steadily climbing the loose and sandy desert grit.

Rob beefing up the climb.

Everyone playing on the Rocks. Several people attempted the clean
a particularly tricky section. The grippy rock is not like
what we have back in Missouri.
I'd have to give us a 93% success rating as Bryan Adams
and Jason Orin Boyd came closest to cleaning the feature.

More map reading and rock stunts. With so many intersections and
having only one ride to hit the best stuff, the pressure was on to string the
A-Trails into one heavenly ride. 

Team Seagal on the drop in

And sealing the deal.

Kirby on the groove

Frank preparing for the next plunge

Lisa threading the features

The impending storm of doom forced us down the
Rattlesnake trail at a breakneck pace. As the local gal said while passing,
"Lightning is on its way and ya don't wanna be where you're at"
(that would be the high point of Hartman Rocks - go figure - timing!)

I don't have any photos of the last day - Downhilling at Mount Crested Butte but I'm sure they are floating on the Internet somewhere.

Frank Schuman has some photos uploaded here

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