Downtown Bicycle Station

For those of you in the city who are fortunate enough to be called for jury duty, there's now a nice option for you to ride your bike in, park it safely and have a place to store your gear.
The bicycle station  on Locust St. offers a place to lock your bike, showers and lockers, so you can shower, change clothes, and then walk the 3 blocks over to the Civil Courts Building.
Show your jury summons and the normal day use fees are waived. All you need is locks for your bike and locker, and you're all set.
Riding your bike in provides a nice way to clear your head after a day sitting in the jury box, and it's fun to zip past all the cars stuck in traffic.
The bike station is also attached to Urban Shark, so if you need repairs, or want to buy a new Mukluk, they've got you covered.

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