Withered and melted on MiddleFork

I managed to convince a few foolhardy souls to make an attempt at an out-n-back of Middlefork on the 19th of July. The heat seemed like it might become an issue (heat indices well into the 100's F) but some extra measures were taken by the group to stave off instant death by dehydration or melting: electrolyte tabs, a water filter for refilling bottles and bladders, and I personally went for the full-on, double CamelBak maneuver...

The trail was in pretty good shape and its signature sustained benchcut downhills were as awesome as always. There was quite a bit of thorny veg to force your way through which made for some bloody raw arms and legs.

We hit Barton Fen and took a break... I think my tires were starting to smolder anyway. After refilling some bottles and plotting our next move, the smart guy in the group suggested perhaps a little turn-around-and-start-backing might be in order for safety's sake... because it was unbelievably hot and all. I'm not naming names, but his name starts with "C" and ends with "-raig"... And I'd probably be a dessicated pile of withered, leathery flesh on the side of the trail if I hadn't listened to his good sense.

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