Upcoming Events

Jan. 31st- Midwest Bike Expo in Collinsville, IL. GORC will have a booth there where you can find out more info about the latest projects, pick up some literature or maps, or buy some GORC merchandise.

Feb. 3rd- Regular monthly meeting at the Schlafly Tap Room.

Feb. 6th- The trails at SIUE have taken a real beating and need some attention.. We'll be rerouting a section near the asphalt on Trail #1 which has turned into a permanent mudpit, as well as fixing some of the other problem areas that have developed. More info and sign up for the workday.

Feb. 27th- Greensfelder Workday. We're continuing work on the switchbacks which will complete the DeClue extension and carry the trail all the way over to the Scenic Loop Road. Bryan has posted some pictures of the fun involved in getting the rocks down to the site posted on the GORC Facebook Page. We'll also work on getting other areas of the existing trails into riding shape. More details and signup as they become available.

Feb. 28th- The first of St. Charles County Parks Moonlight Ride series will be held at Broemmelsiek Park from 6-9pm. These are organized rides in parks that usually don't permit riding at night, and are always a good time.

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