Pictorial of SeaMonkey's May 2009

Since pictures say a lot and I don't have a lot to say, here's a blog entry on the cheap.

Here's my May/early June recap with editorial assistance courtesy of my new Michigan-purchased 20 year Dirt Rag anniversary pint glass filled to the tip with Bell's Amber Ale...

The view off my front porch along the Allenton Loop is mostly early in the morning, too often wet and almost always with the thought of "wish I was riding."

The monsoons of India have landed in Missouri and when I'm not cleaning up the Ozark Trail so others may ride and hike, I'm cutting grass and drinking beer - usually while cutting grass. The JD rider has a cup holder, gotta use it, ya know...

It's been a wet 2009 to say the least.

And since I've been breaking Paul's nuts on the hill climbs, the Lynskey is still non-operational. Not that it's broke, more like I'm lazy and busy. Mostly lazy. Paul's rear hub with a conversion axle has two hollow aluminum nuts and the drive-side can't take the heat. Paul knows - he gave me 4 this go 'round.

Since global warming means more wetness in St. Louis I've been in this hell working on the GORC site, reading up on other people riding in awesome western states and inputting work invoices that never seem to end. The GORC site lives on the right-side laptop. Notice that it is not on. Work is busy.

I've relegated the old Fujeye to city ghetto spins on the Riverfront Trail. It's been good to me for 7+ years but I got upgrade my ride sometimes, ya know. The hubs were - are - still - crunchy with sand and glass and the BB is played but it gets me from A to B when I'm in the city.

With all the rain, post-workday daylight singletrack drive time issues I've been enjoying the hell out of my new road jet. It may not be pedigree but it's light, fast and left me money in the checking account. I've been getting to know the Allenton Loop quite well - 600 climbing feet per lap 7 miles flat - hurt kitchen.

But I don't get to ride it nearly as much as I'd like. It is a good base keeper, though. The chip-n-seal Loop lets you know if you are slacking. Very quickly.

That's my May. Here's to more singletrack and GORC rides in the latter half of June.

Poker Burner this Saturday at Lost Valley 7PM. Be there.

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