Pictorial of the 2009 Midwest Mountain Bike Summit

The Summit, held in Grand Rapids, Michigan this year offered fast, swoopy, sandy, bermed n' buff trails. The Summit/Festival will be held there again next year so you got another chance to ride some great rollercoaster-like trail systems. Here's the SummitFest in pictures...

Mike Dunston, trail armoring guru

Lisa riding the Cannonsburg SGA

The main Summit Strip featuring Dirt Rag, Specialized, Trek, SRAM, Scott and others

Mike Dunston of GORC along with several members demonstrating the art of trail armoring. This was put to the test immediately with a downhill race! The drop got downhillers across the XC course.

Many people watched as GORC meticulously built the rock launch pad.

The Cannonsburg Ski Resort features an advanced skills area with substantial drops, skinnies, jumps, teeters and doubles. Impressive!

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