LV Group Ride

Alright, the GORC LV group ride went off without a hitch this past Saturday night. A group of about 20 people got together to have some fun while riding their bikes. We had a loosely organized Poker Run in store that saw people out riding anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours. Conditions were fair and I think everyone had a great time. I think the next one is already being planned, so stay tuned...

Those aren't Kirby's nipples glowing in the dark!

Here's The Pimp shredding the new section of Phase 2.

Izak towed the fuel, unfortunately it ran out too quickly.

The proud winners:

More Pics of happy bikers...

1 comment:

seamonkey said...

mega fun times.

the salsa is not cracked though the cooler may be stained for life.

next time i vote for pure cannage, the bottles were sketch at best.

i will post some pics soon.

dmmit that was fun!!!!