New Trail at Bangert Island

Mike Dunston and rest of the St. Charles County GORC Crew have been busy as usual. May 20th is the scheduled grand opening of a new 2.5 mile trail located near the intersection of I-70 and 5th Street. Here's a preliminary map to give you an idea of the location. We'll keep you updated as we get more details.


Anonymous said...

markers should give more detailed directions, such as "entrance" by arrow leading back to the beginning of the trail. I almost walked around and around last weekend with my grand daughters. They were kind of scared. I called a number on the map and the guy said he just answers the phone and couldn't help me, so we just turned around and walked all the way back where we came from.

Anonymous said...

All the trails need better markings, and the new trail along the river is not on any of the maps, not on the city or MDC websites, nor in the brochure onsite. Not a big deal unless you are hiking close to sunset, as we were. We started a half hour before sunset, assuming we could make the northern loop before dark. After hiking for an additional hour after dark and eventually covering both southern loopsin addition to the northern loop, we found our way out.