Castlewood Maintenance Day- April 26th

As most of you probably know, the river bottom trails at Castlewood were under water for quite awhile. As a result Sam's plan for the maintenance day has changed:

The flooding has changed our plan from a half dozen small projects, to two small projects and a new one, clearing the river trails of the logs that floated in.

The plan:

1) One crew to do benching on the rollercoaster and armor one ditch.

2) One crew to modify the uppermost bridge on the 3%LoveMtRidge Trail.

3) I am hoping for four crews to do chain saw work on the river trails. I am putting out a call for Certified Sawyers to lead crews, and we need helpers to clear the logs.

Saturday, April 26th, 9am at the Rangers Office.
Lunch will be served.

As for the rest of it, I'm not quite sure. It sounded like Sam had been drinking a lot of wine, because he was sort of raving. Something about him, Kirby, and MikeD riding endless loops on a Pugsley to flatten everything back into place...

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