Single Speed World Championships - Napa, CA

Well, none of the GORC guys got into the 2008 Single Speed Championships held in Napa, California this year. Registration opened at midnight on Jan. 1 but we were all denied. Apparently, it sold out in record time - something like 7 minutes - somewhere between Hannah Montana and Michael Jackson's nose going solo.

But whatever, who cares. Like we paid for the first attendance in State College, PA right?

We'd have to fly and be sure to take your shitty SS because the airlines / ips / dhl / moonmen are going to drop-kick the box all the way to the x-ray machine. Scratch and dent sale.

For those who were there and (can) remember - we all know it's not about the race itself - it's about the party all weekend.

Only bummer is we run the risk of missing the flight back due to blackout.

Start training now.

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