Yo, Big Dummy

These shots are ripped off directly from Surly where there are more on the blog. You may already know they're working on a frame called the Big Dummy. It's basically an Xtracycle-inspired frame and I think it'll cost about $800 or so. It's supposed to be available sometime in the summer.

Never mind the StokeMonkey red thing in the middle, that's a pricey extra bit. I think the wheels are 26in. and can take up to a 2.5 tire. Theyhave a proto rigged with 40 pounds of gear, including a mini keg.

I think the frame could be a good idea for trail maintenance deep in the Ozark backcountry - such as Middlefork, North Trace and even Council Bluffs. As a bonus, you could bulldoze the downhills.

There's a hundred ways to outfit the frame to haul all the tools into the worksite and it handles better than a trailer setup. Not to mention it's one less (odd) tire size to deal with when it flats or gets ripped from the trailer.

This could be a wise GORC investment, you know, since the club is all rich now. Who knows, maybe we could get some sort of club discount from Surly for using it for a good cause. We could also build it up with donated components.

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