Ride Report: Silver Lake

On Sunday, a few of us rode one of the lesser known trails in the area; the Silver Lake Trail in Highland, Illinois- about 35 miles NE of downtown St. Louis.
The trail itself isn't very long. Only 4.5 miles out-and-back, but it includes a lot of fun little features along the way. It's tight and twisty, even more so than the SIUE trails, and there are many wooden bridges, including one that's a good 40 ft. in length, so there are plenty of chances to test your bike-handling skills. It follows the contours of Silver Lake, and then has around a half-mile loop section that puts you within earshot of I-70 before rejoining the main trail.
This probably isn't a trail you'd want to have as a frequent destination, mainly due to the lack of mileage, but if you're looking for a little change of scenery, on a fun trail in a nice setting, do a couple of laps here, head over to the nearby SIUE trails, and you can certainly have an entertaining day. One other thing to note is that while the trail is within Silver Lake park, for some reason, there's no swimming allowed in the lake.

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