more Greensfelder goodness, coming right up

The MMBF is over and now it's time to get back to business. Lucky for us, business is building trail and riding bikes. What could be more fun?

So it's Easter weekend and you can't leave town. Come out to Greensfelder and start work on the next phase of the DeClue improvements. This time we're doing a pretty big reroute for the doubletrack hill climb heading uphill from where DeClue crosses Allenton Road. We'll reroute a little bit of high-maintenance singletrack too but don't worry, we're not about to throw the baby out with the bathwater, most of the old trail remains untouched.

This hillside is covered with rocks and ledges and the new trail goes through a lot of good stuff and some historical oddities. It's buildable in three sections and if we have enough people at both of the spring workdays we'll be riding a bunch of sweet new trail there this summer instead of a piece of low-quality trail with water problems.

The first workday is SATURDAY APRIL 15. You should register with St. Louis County Parks RIGHT NOW to ensure a free lunch. See the gorc homepage for details and directions. We'll post a map of the new sections when they're built. In the mean time, check out Ron's new mountain bike map of the Dogwood and Declue already. Then ride it all with us after the lunch on Saturday.

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