Hell Tour

I watched this movie over the weekend. It follows Erik Zabel and Rolf Aldag of the T-Mobile team during the 2003 Tour de France. It's a great movie for several reasons: 1) It has really nice footage of things you never get to appreciate through the grainy, flickering video that OLN shows, including b&w archival stuff; 2) You get to hear a lot of talk about how it really feels to go through 3 weeks of the Tour--crashes, road rash, suffering, exhilaration, not the canned answers from some riders about how everything's perfect, couldn't be better, etc.; 3) Not much about Lance.
It turns out that Zabel and Aldag are really funny as well. You find out lots of interesting things about the "glamorous" world of professional cycling--with one French historian equating the origins of the tour with a way for riders to improve their lives by getting out of the coal mines. The title in english is Hell on Wheels (Netflix), but it translates more literally as Hell Tour. In German, French and English with subtitles.

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