Land Between the Lakes

The short story is, GORC changed gears and went to Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky this past weekend instead of going to Syllamo. The weather looked better, so we opted for the sure bet.

Seven of us went down and rode the Canal Loop on Saturday and the North South Trail on Sunday. We put in some serious miles for this time of year. We found out that the Pirate is a travelling convenience store as everytime we stopped, he pulled something else out of his pack to eat. Paducah has a pretty good little wood-fired pizza joint downtown. They chose to stick us out on the heated patio since we didn't make a reservation, "like" whoever heard of a pizza place needing a reservation anyway? Salsa Dos Niner frames will crack, sorry Kirbs.

We had a great time, covered over 50 miles of singletrack and I am feeling the pain today.

When is the next trip?

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