False Alarm at the Oasis

OK, you don't really have to go to the news story to get this one, here's the executive summary.

* Florida band names itself This Bike is a Pipe Bomb in a cheesy attempt to get publicity

* Ohio University student puts band's sticker on his bike

* Ohio University police close off part of campus and call in the bomb squad

* Band gets publicity

The most worrisome thing in the article was this quote from a sophomore who couldn't get around the police tape:

"I'm extremely upset because I walked to class, and it was canceled."

I fear for our future.

I'm not checking out that band because, well, that's just what they want us to do.


David S. Brown said...

I've seen this sticker on a bike at UMSL. I didn't know it was a band name, I just thought it someone thinking it was some cool sticker!

terbo said...

I don't think I'd put it on my own bike these days. Maybe someone else's... It is pretty funny. I caused a bomb scare on accident in junior high with a half broken clock in my locker, and that was the eighties...

djcrb9 said...

I have one on one of my bikes... i never thought too much about it before this story.