Human hybrids

The Stokemonkey is a human-electric hybrid drive bicycle kit. Think of a really long bicycle with racks, bags, and a back seat that's supposed to pedal easier than a regular bike. From the webpage it looks great for people with long commutes, people who use a bike instead of a car, or MILFs that want to haul their baby home from the grocery store. It's sold as a $1350 kit that attaches to a bike with an xtracycle freeradical kit already on it, so by the time you have something that works you're looking at easily a couple grand. Too bad, but it's still less than it cost to rebuild my truck transmission and clutch.

This is not to be confused with the human-animal hybrids that a less clever chimp warned us about. We've got labs full of them already and now they're on T-shirts.

I got this link from a decent interview with the founder of Xtracycle in some online environmental magazine called Grist. The interview is pretty good and has some other silly links in the middle. (thanks BobF)

disclaimer: I haven't used the stokemonkey and I haven't seen any human-animal hybrids around here.

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