Tip #1 for Surviving Mardi Gras

Prequel Tip #1: These may or may not be the best tips as I don't remember if last year's tips really helped all that much.

Since this is a bike-sort-of bloggle then let me recommend you parking and riding to your designated party spot.

Of course, take a piece of shit that you don't mind getting knocked over, pissed and puked on. It may even get stolen before nightfall.

Should you still own said bike when it is time for you to leave the premises, may I also recommend that you lower the seat ...

(if possible and/or won't cause you to vomit due to the stress of trying to lower your seat with your bare hands)

... so that you may not grind the pavement with your Hurricane-drenched face.

That is all.

More tips next week featuring how to keep your chain on while running from the Man and how to get your tilt on by 10:30am.

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