Rockbreaker's Old School Mountain Biking

These photos are part of Glenn Meyer's MTB Archive. I'm not even sure where and when these pictures were taken other than near St. Louis a Long Time Ago.

I'm really looking forward to hearing about what that bike is doing in the tree.
Check out those gaiters.


rockbreaker said...

The first picture is circa 87 post ride beer. 2nd is Denis Bell on one of the first Specialized bikes in STL ( back when they came in pieces and the shop had to assemble the entire bike) on the Chubb notice the welders cap work boots and rolled up jeans. Third picture Mike Karberg (co-founder of Mesa) at Lost Valley circa 85-87 his helmet was hooked by the branch that the bike is hung from. Pulled him off the bike like he was closelined. Fourth is me going down the launching pad at Pelican Island old 3 wheeler trails total fall line trail eroded worse every year. Very few riders could make it down with out crashing. You had to skid your rear wheel down the whole way and sit on your rear rack to keep from going over the bars. Rob Horn remembers that trail.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that guy with the Thrasher sweatshirt and giant glasses is me. I think that is 1987 or maybe '88 aqt Pelican Island. I worked at TC with a few of these people. I was just a kid with a new mtb. On one of these rides I was introduced to a new to me breed of cycling. It consisted of a trunk pack full of beer and a bag of weed. I didn't partake in either. For the record, it wasn't Glen Meyer who was carrying.