I grabbed this from stlbiking:


In honor of all the numerous and great things that Critical Mass has accomplished for the city of St.Louis (and the world!) we will be showing Scorcher and Still We Ride as a fundraiser for the Saint Louis Bicycle Works.

Come join us and help raise money for a bicycling group that (drum roll....) does something for the community.

When: Friday the Thirteenth of January. 8PM
Where: St.Louis Bicycle Works; Corner of Thurman and Shenandoah
Why: Raise money for new tools
Cost: $5 if you ride in, $10 if you drive

Pending your response here we might also have bunny hop/track stand/other miscellaneous useless bike tricks competition.

If it's anything like the last film night I got wrecked at it should be a damn fine time. Build up a frankenbike and let the good times roll. Bikeworks is where I got all my stuff on the extremely cheap

Or you could stay home and ride the trainer.

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