Let's avoid work today!

Nobody wants to work today anyway. Here's some places I've been. These pics are courtesy of www.anthonysloan.com. He's got a great collection of trail pictures. Now, on with the show!

Pictures of trails that I've ridden and you haven't!! Click the green text, they're links to the pictures NATCH!

I rode this trail in a drizzling rain, with Ben Mitchell, Sam's son. The pics of the rocky sections DO NOT do it justice. This was some of the most technical/difficult trail I've ridden. On the Van Dessel (The orange one). This place is just west of Denver. Literally 5 minutes from Hwy 70.

Dakota Ridge/Red Rocks

This next one was my first ride in Denver. Again with the VanDessel. It was a ton of climbing, but I was rewarded with sweet sweet singletrack. Good stuff. The quote at the bottom about the enchanted forest trail is true.

Apex Trails

Here's another place I"ve been, but you haven't! Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City Nevada. It's just outside Las Vegas. Good riding. Great combination of gnarly singletrack, and swoopy bench-cut. Some sections overlook a golf course(about a 1/4-mile down hill), and it's kinda funky since everything is so brown, and then you look down the hill to this golf course and see this lush green place…ah chemicals!

Viva Las Vegas!

Here's a place we've been together. Mary's Loop in Froota. Ahhhh memories.

Loop de Mary

OK, time to set the wayback machine! Me 'n Kirb and Durango-Doug rode this place many moons ago. I think it was 1999. Super nice riding, hundreds of miles of singletrack. Good beer. What else could you possibly want. Hint…hit the "next" button at the bottom. Kirb will remember the supa-fast downhill run, and the cool roller-jumps that this guy is hitting. We were getting like 3 feet of air dude!

Winter Park

Ok. One more. This is back to "Places I've been that you haven't". Don't you wish you were cool like me?
Sourdough trail, Nederland, Colorado. Nederland is where Dan Vardamis lives, and is also the home to the company that makes those cool Colorado topo maps. It's just northwest of Boulder, and is surprisingly close, by trail, to Winter Park. Any way, we did an IMBA group ride up there, that climbed about 2500 feet over the course of 7 miles, followed by 11 miles of flowing downhill back into town. Oh yeah, I was on the singlespeed! Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Nederland Mojo

Now. Get back to WORK!!!


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