North Trace Creek Ride

The day after Thanksgiving, six of us rode an out-and-back of approximately 22 miles on North Trace from the DD crossing to Hazel Creek. Temperature was pretty nice, but a bit cold in the low to mid-20's at the start.
The trail was in fairly good shape, although there were many surprises hidden under the inches-deep leaf cover. There were approximately 15-20 trees down across the trail, with maybe 3 that will require a chainsaw. The rest can be take care of with packsaws. Most of the creek crossings had very little water in them or were frozen, so didn't present any challenge to keeping our feet warm and dry.
Beavers have been very active at the Hazel Creek crossing. The water there was probably 2-4 feet deep. We tried to get Terbo to cross and find out if it was passable, but couldn't pony up enough cash to get him to do it.

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billyjack said...

i love horses. can i come on your next ride and hold the parade bag?