The future of downhill bikes?

I guess it was inevitable. The throttle twisters at FX Bikes in New Zealand finally realized that modern downhill bicycles are just motorcycles without motors and replaced the drivetrain with a little two-stroke. Or I guess you could say they replaced the heavy parts of a motorcycle with "lightweight" DH bicycle parts to make a motorcycle that weighs about 100 pounds.

My favorite quotes from the article.

You can actually bunny-hop
obstacles and pull up the front wheel with
your own strength.
Broken wheel – The spokes on the mountain bike rear wheel collapsed under load. They have now been rebuilt with all the nipples Loctited.
I could see myself sneaking onto tracks I shouldn’t be on.

Well at least he's honest.

I'm sure these bikes are loads of fun and all (in the right place) but I won't be replacing my hardtail with one anytime soon.

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